The Growing Call For A Global Government And World Leader

The Growing Call For A Global Government And World Leader BY TIM MOORE via Prophecy News Watch

It appears that the United States and several other countries that historically have called themselves democracies are as of late been longing for a stronger and stronger leader, not a president, but more like a king. And, those leaders who do already rule countries with almost absolute authority are not really qualified to take these ultimate positions because they inevitably end up falling into megalomania.

For example, Russia’s Vladamir Putin started off as his nation’s president, but then eventually became a dictator for life. Now he sees himself as an emissary for God with a divine calling to reunite Russian and Ukrainian Orthodoxy. The end step in the path towards megalomania usually is to declare oneself as a god or even the God.

We see this pattern throughout history. These leaders may start off with the right idea in serving their nation, but soon the power goes to their heads and they quickly begin demanding that the nation instead serve themselves.

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There are many examples of such political leaders throughout history. Megalomania is almost the default tendency of mankind. Remember Nimrod who was a great leader back in his day. We learned that he and his descendants tried to create the Tower of Babel. Over and over again in Scripture, we are presented by leaders who set themselves up against God’s divine leadership by trying to create their own pagan empires surrounding Israel.

And, in recent years, we’ve been given a number of examples of leaders who exhibit megalomania. Just in this last century, we’ve had Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao. The Premier in China right now, Mr. Xi, is obviously heading in the same direction. Throughout human history, there’s been Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and Napoleon.

Napoleon was such a megalomaniac that he didn’t even deem anybody else worthy of crowning him, so he crowned himself as the emperor of France! Even during the pandemic, many leaders began heartily embracing this authoritarian concept, who ought to have known better.

Megalomaniacs are often portrayed in science fiction. Just look back at Dr. Moreau who was written by H.G. Wells. Moreau had his own island which he ruled with absolute authority. Captain Nemo, to a degree, ruled as captain of his submarine. Then there are television and movies, with characters such as Count Carlos Maria Vincenzo Manzeppi from The Wild Wild West who wanted to rule the world. There are characters like Khan in Star Trek. These characters were written as megalomaniacs.

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