Matt H. – “Recovery, my new and wonderful life!” (Video)

Matt H. – “Recovery, my new and wonderful life!” Video from Odomtology

Funny and powerful story by one of my new favorite AA speakers, Matt H. shares a message of depth and weight recounting his vicious struggle with alcoholism and the redemptive and graceful power of the twelve step process. A special thanks to Joy M. and Matt H. for introducing me to this awesome share. I love hearing such clarity and impassioned sharing about someone’s experience. This is a MUST LISTEN type of share.
Matt has a great speaking style, he has a great sense of timing and wit. Also the way he articulates alcoholism and recovery is very powerful and engaging. The first time I listened to the tape, I put it on, and the hour and a half flew by, I was glued to my headphones. If you are looking for some awesome experience, strength, and hope that is sure to inspire and entertain you, this is the speaker for you!

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