Three Prophetic Words to Help You Persevere In 2023

Three Prophetic Words to Help You Persevere In 2023 by James Lasher for Charisma News

Oftentimes we can find that bringing in the New Year can also bring feelings of exhaustion, fear, uncertainty and doubt. Even though the Bible is filled with encouraging Scripture to help us get through the season God has us in, it can be hard dealing with the emotions of the flesh while waiting for God’s promises to materialize. Here are three prophetic words to help give you strength and perseverance for the upcoming year!

The Shaking Is Continuing in 2023, Dr. Michael Brown Shares How to Remain Steadfast by Shelby Bowen

Within the last few years, a shaking began across the world in the spiritual and natural realms. Going into 2023, it’s clear that the shaking is going to continue. God is purifying the church and separating the wheat from the chaff.

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We sat down for an exclusive Charisma News interview with apologist and radio host, Dr. Michael Brown to hear his prophetic insights for the future of the body of Christ.

Prophecy: Real Estate Anointing to Buy, Sell or Redeem Land by Shawn Bolz

God is speaking to me about a real estate anointing that is coming on many people right now and increasing on others who have already operated in this. Land was always one of the promises of God over His people. There are so many stories and Scriptures about land and about not moving boundary lines. It is still one of the most contentious resources to this day. Israel itself has always been in a land battle against the agendas of other nations.

Patricia King Delivers 4 Prophetic Words That Will Greatly Impact the Body of Christ in 2023 by Shawn A. Akers

“These are words that you can rejoice in because we want to have our faith built up for the future, for the new year and know what God is going to do. There are, of course, as we know, some hard times and chaotic situations. If we look at the stormy things around us that might be coming in the new year, we could get discouraged, but God does not want us to get discouraged. He wants us to be full of faith and to keep our eyes on Jesus in the midst of the storm. Don’t look at the storm, look at Jesus.”

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