From a Pragmatic Pro-Life Perspective, was the Overturning of Roe a Good Thing?

From a Pragmatic Pro-Life Perspective, was the Overturning of Roe a Good Thing? by Dr Michael Brown for Ask Dr Brown

It could be argued that a more incremental approach to the overturning of Roe might have been better than its dramatic overturning in June.

After all, some might say, the Court could have made a series of incremental decisions, beginning with letting the Dobbs case stand, thereby triggering a less extreme reaction from the pro-abortion side.

As it is, the pro-abortion pushback has been intense and costly.

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More states have passed radical, pro-abortion bills, and strong pro-abortion sentiments may have helped the Democrats (and hurt the Republicans) during the midterms. Perhaps the Court acted too quickly?

Here are 5 reasons why that line of thinking is deeply flawed.

  1. First, Roe was bad law from the start, made even worse by the reaffirmation and expansion of Caseyin 1992. Both of these cases were decidedly poorly – no, outrageously – and the sooner an egregious law can be overturned, the better. All the more is this the case when that law has given the appearance of legality to the shedding of oceans of innocent blood.
  2. Second, we have no way of knowing how long the Court will have the same pro-life sentiments. What if this group of justices ruled to uphold Dobbs (which, in itself, would have been positive), but by the time the next case made it to the Court, sentiments (or justices) will have changed? What then? The best opportunity we had would have been squandered.

    It’s also fair to ask if the justices should allow potential public reaction to their decision to overrule the setting aside of a bad law. The answer is no, they should not.

  3. Third, pro-lifers have been laboring tirelessly and praying unceasingly for the overturning of Roe, not simply for positive, incremental decisions. What the Court did was an answer to prayer, and infusing life and strength and courage and hope in the pro-life movement. With Roe overturned, more and more states can now put pro-life legislation into effect.

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