Jonathan Cahn: ‘Guard and Protect Your Child;’ Satan is Coming for Them

Jonathan Cahn: ‘Guard and Protect Your Child;’ Satan is Coming for Them by Shawn A. Akers for Charisma News

Jonathan Cahn says that one of the signs of a nation under the judgment of God has to do with its children.

And with what is now happening in America and the attempting sexualization and paganization of its children through many facets of culture, there is little doubt, Cahn says, that the only hope for this country is revival.

“The Bible says that, in the last days, there will be a departing from the faith, with people giving heed to seducing spirits,” said Cahn, the bestselling author of “The Harbinger” and his latest blockbuster effort, “The Return of the Gods.” “The spirits are here, the gods are back and they are after your children. If they can get the children, they’ve got the nation and its future in the end times.”

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Cahn says that today’s generation of children in America are “the most spiritually confused, empty and damaged generation in modern times.”

“They suffer from more mental illness than any other generation,” Cahn says. “They are more likely to harm themselves, to be addicted, to commit suicide. They are the most confused generation even to what they are, male or female. They are the most separated generation from the ways of God.”

Much of that, Cahn says, is due to entities like the Walt Disney Co., formerly a family-and-child-friendly entertainment company that has undeniably gone woke in recent years. Disney has turned to promoting the LGBTQIA agenda in its animated movies like “Strange World and “Lightyear.”

These movies are bringing financial woes to the company. “Strange World” is expected to lose more than $100 million for Disney.

“What is now happening to the Walt Disney Corporation is a sign of all of these things,” Cahn says. “The foremost provider of children’s entertainment has been noticeably darkening, and what is happening to them is accelerating. …

“Once hailed as the producer of child-friendly, family-friendly content, something dark has come upon that company. Something has possessed it. Recently Disney was caught privately confessing that their goal was to queer American children, and they have been seeking to do so. In its last few ‘child-oriented’ pictures, it pushed homosexuality on children, and they have bombed at the box office. But that has not stopped Disney. It has also produced an animated cartoon series called “The Owl House” about a girl learning how to be a witch. And even darker, another children’s show by Disney called—are you ready—”Little Demon.” It’s about Satan impregnating a woman and her anti-Christ daughter. It is said that the show normalizes Satanism and pedophilia.”

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