Persuasion is to Unity What Coercion is to Conformity

Persuasion is to Unity What Coercion is to Conformity By Doug “Uncola” Lynn via

Where there is no law there is no freedom. – John Locke

Morality is doing what is right regardless of what you are told. Obedience is doing what is told regardless of what is right. ― H.L. Mencken

It would be easy to speculate ad nauseam regarding the 2022 U.S. Midterms, but that is not the main intention of this post. Therefore, my comments regarding the national elections will be brief:  In short, it seems there were three general outcomes possible: 1.) Democrats holding both Houses of Congress 2.) GOP winning House or Senate but not both 3.) GOP winning both House and Senate.

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In the Old Normal, given current economic shortages and inflation, the extremism of woke politics, increasing urban crime, the politicization of COVID, and the weaponization of federal agencies, a sizable red wave would have been assured.  But we no longer live in the Old Normal and we haven’t for some time. As the aftermath of the 2020 Presidential Election demonstrated, America has crossed the Rubicon. Speculation is moot. At this late date in history, the beast system will never cede power via honest elections.

It doesn’t matter how many voting machines flipped totals in narrow victories, or whether MAGA candidates were sabotaged by The Uniparty or outspent by George Soros, or that the American citizenry has been dumbed down to the point of buffoonery by the federal education system.

Just know this:  In U.S. States where voting was secure, like Florida and Iowa, there were red waves by fairly wide margins.

Even “conservative” pundits like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly claim the elusive red wave was curtailed because of fear over abortion rights and frustrations against election fraud “conspiracies” – and O’Reilly and others have blamed Donald Trump as a scapegoat, but for the wrong reasons. Surely abortion and other imaginary “threats to democracy” were strategically exaggerated by The Borg System to provide plausible deniability against any potential accusations of vote fraud.

Notice that no one can adequately explain why GOP candidates won in U.S. states that had implemented measures to secure elections, like voter I.D. and other initiatives. In those states, conservative candidates emerged victorious – even in urban blue counties.  And in areas with shady election shenanigans like malfunctioning voting machines in key precincts, unsecured mail-in ballots, stall tactics and extended deadlines, several Democratic Party candidates won.

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