Forgiveness, Amends, Amnesty – What About An International Tribunal?

Forgiveness, Amends, Amnesty – What About An International Tribunal? by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

Remember Obama told the world that he was going to “fundamentally transform America”? He created division, the foundation of the lie we are currently dealing with. If we are a untied people, satanic-globalist like Obama will never be heard, they will never develop a following.

Obama laid the foundation and people stopped paying any attention to what was happening. For the past decade everyone has been silenced for fear of being called a racist. Obama did that. For the past decade we have seen censorship increase to the point of choking off voices across the land. The criminal class, DoJ, FBI and CIA, attempting to throw people off the internet and silence their massive platforms. Obama did that.

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Now we are coming out of the darkness of Covid and these people are attempting to take the work of Obama and WEF (World Economic Forum) to the next level.

This is what was happening in Australia while the U.S. was on lockdown, suffering under riots and murder in the streets. Yes, Obama laid the foundation for this to happen in the U.S. as well.

Meanwhile, in Australia…

People are typically forgiving. We want those that have made mistakes to own their trash. We want others to take their own trash and keep their side of the sidewalk swept clean. We have language for such actions.

Amends – compensation for a loss or injury

Forgiveness – the act of forgiving
Forgive – to cease to feel resentment against
2 a – to give up resentment of or claim to requital
b – to grant relief from payment of

Amnesty – the act of an authority (such as a government) by which pardon is granted to a large group of individuals
– to grant amnesty to : to pardon (someone) officially often before a trial or conviction

This agent-of-the-devil, Klaus Schwab, is the “architect” of the WEF “Great Reset”. The plan is to use the plandemic as cover to destroy the global economy and push governments to a new form of communism. I pray you don’t believe me and begin doing a little research of your own so that you will know what we know.

I wanted to start with a view of three ways that humans seek a civil ending to a truly awful situation. Covi19, the Wuhan Flu, the Chi-na Flu or whatever you wish to call it has changed the entire planet and not for the good. People the world over are experiencing tyranny on a level never before even imagined, never even before dreamed of. You know closing down mom-and-pop, small businesses, firing people at large corporations for not taking an experimental, untested drug. Yeah, that level of tyranny/communism.

Now, the people who pushed what is now a known lie want to be given “amnesty”. These people did not ask for forgiveness nor did they tell us they would like to make an amends. No, once again they are pushing 100% of their evil onto our plate and attempting to make us responsible for the division, the death and the absolute destruction of the global economy. This is to say nothing of the harm that has been done to our children.

This is how they treated people for not wearing a mask, you know the mask that has been proven, time and again, to be completely useless against the Wuhan Flu.

This is the just one aspect of the damage done to children.

I don’t know perhaps treating our children like cattle is enough to grant amnesty. Attempting to keep children out of school for not using a mask that not only is a unnecessary for children who’s immune system keeps them safe, but as stated, does not work for any human being.

What about our grandparents, the elderly in general and our loved ones who could not get hospital care because doctors and nurses were busy making dance videos?

What about our elderly in nursing homes who were not allowed to interact with loved ones? Who died alone with zero direct family contact because of a lie, do their live not matter? Does their memory hold no weight?

These people did not ask for forgiveness nor offer an amends. They seek amnesty – go back and read the Merriam-Webster definitions of each of these words and tell me we shouldn’t have an international tribunal and then hang those that are found guilty. We are dealing with evil on a scale that is difficult to comprehend. It is a global, coordinated takedown.

These were the people who militated against effective early treatment protocols (to cynically preserve the drug companies’ emergency use authorization (EUA) and thus their liability shields); the people who enforced the deadly remdesivir-and-ventilator combo in hospital treatment; the people who rolled out the harmful and ineffective “vaccines”; who fired and vilified doctors who disagreed with all that; the ones who engineered a long list of abusive policies that destroyed businesses, livelihoods, households, reputations, and futures. Source

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