Why The Left Hates God, Family and Country

Why The Left Hates God, Family and Country by Scott Hogenson for Town Hall

Rob Schneider is a funny guy. A lot of his humor is irreverent and better suited to the Beavis and Butt-head demographic but his physical comedy and sense of timing are hilarious. His Saturday Night Live skits as the Richmeister / makin’ copies office nerd still crack me up 30 years later.

But there’s more depth to Schneider than his off-color gags and pratfalls suggest. During a recent interview on Fox News in which he explained why he is moving his family to Arizona from California, Schneider touched on the biggest threat facing America today.

During his interview, Schneider observed, “You know something’s wrong when people say, ‘If you put God, and family, and country first, that’s somehow controversial,” then asking rhetorically, “How is that controversial?”

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Putting God, family and country first is not controversial at all. It does, however, represent an existential threat to authoritarians across the globe. Whether it’s today’s American totalitarians or the Chinese Communist Party, God, family and country stand in the way of subjugating free people.

These three principles have been under attack for centuries, and the reason is simple. If people believe in God, family and country, they are less apt to embrace tyrannical politicians and their political systems. For this reason, these three institutions must be destroyed.

Let’s start with God. There has always been atheism but the idea of basing a political system on it began to take form during the 18th century. It was Swiss philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau who theorized that man is fundamentally good and corrupted by society, and that citizenship doesn’t require compassion for other people.

Rousseau’s repudiation of the the Bible’s views on the nature of man – that we’re infinitely sinful, hopelessly corrupt and depraved by virtue of original sin – ushered in the false notion that man and society are perfectible. All we need to do is replace the word of God and biblical  law with Man’s law.

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