Where Do You Find Agents Of The Devil…

Where Do You Find Agents Of The Devil…

For the most part you find them happily scurrying about on TV and radio. They usually don’t try to hide what they’re doing as so many people simply don’t pay them any attention, nor do they believe they are actually agents of the devil, so they simply go about the business of stealing everything, including souls.

Here is a great example of the tools they use to mock us, to tell us the truth in a way that most people laugh or say “that’s just a silly children’s cartoon” or “he doesn’t mean what he said”

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What about the sudden lack of food? Why is the USA running out of food when we are the “breadbasket of the world”? If it’s not by design then please explain to me why all the food processing plants are burning, exploding or being shut down for no reason?

Here is an image of all the food plants / distribution centers that have been shuttered for one reason or another – oh, by the way, this is just since January 11, 2021.

What about all the demons that have suddenly shown up claiming to be teachers and school board members? Do we think it’s good idea to teach kindergarten level children they are transgender? They are homosexual? Is this what public education is supposed to be about?

Below are just a couple of hundreds of examples that come across our desk every single day.

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