Fetus In The Mothers Womb Is Smart Enough To Make Decisions?!

Fetus In The Mothers Womb Is Smart Enough To Make Decisions?!

The Revolution was kicked off on December 23, 1913 the day the Federal Reserve System was born. As we have described for than a decade when the currency becomes corrupt everything the currency touches – every aspect of life – everything it touches must become corrupt to hide the lie the currency is telling. You can thank a “progressive” communist, democrat, Woodrow Wilson, for signing this into law.

The Revolution took another major step in March 1961 when the treasonous Federal Reserve “began to intervene” in the global currency market using the ESF fund. It is widely reported that President Nixon, “temporarily” closed the gold window, allowing nations around the world to convert US dollars to gold, but what actually happened was Nixon permanently closed the gold window. At least according to the Federal Reserve’s History page.

TICKETS – The Rally To End Child Mutilation Friday October 21, 2022

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If there is any question as to Nixon actually closing, ending, the gold conversion window the title of the page should make it quiet clear – Nixon Ends Convertibility of U.S. Dollars to Gold and Announces Wage/Price Controls

That doesn’t mention anything about “temporarily closing” as the “temporary” period was ending and the permanent era was beginning.

In March 1961, the U.S. Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF), with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York acting as its agent, began to intervene in the foreign-exchange market for the first time since World War II. The ESF buys and sells foreign exchange currency to stabilize conditions in the exchange rate market. While the interventions were successful for a time, the Treasury’s lack of resources limited its ability to mount broad dollar defense.

From 1962 until the closing of the U.S. gold window in August 1971, the Federal Reserve relied on “currency swaps” as its key mechanism for temporarily defending the U.S. gold stock. The Federal Reserve structured the reciprocal currency arrangements, or swap lines, by providing foreign central banks cover for unwanted dollar reserves, limiting the conversion of dollars to gold. Source

Currency, like cheap energy, makes most of this world operate. While I am not of this world I, currently, live in this world. Seeing how it operates, and attempting to get a grip on the operation, makes it easier to see the enemy, avoid the tricks of the enemy and easier to serve the children of our Savior.

All this deeply embedded corruption, deeply embedded evil and deeply embedded ways of the satanic-globalist, means the people that answer to the devil have the ways and means to influence individuals in a wide spectrum of the anchors of society. For example, Hollywood, academia, government institutions at all levels of government, corporations and the list goes on. Academia includes all levels of education, meaning, the kindergarten school your child attends is influenced by these same satanic-globalist.

TICKETS – The Rally To End Child Mutilation Friday October 21, 2022

As our documentation of the collapse of society continues it seems one of the top issues that will absolutely rip society to shreds from the inside-out will be schools taking possession of our children. Not just their minds, but their bodies as well. When the schools keep the knowledge of children beginning to take life altering drugs that permanently change their child’s body…well, who’s children are they?

When school boards, teachers and councilmen believe they have the right to raise your children and you do not…Houston, we have a problem. Society has a problem that, if left unattended, will destroy the fabric of future generations for the next 25-30 years. This situation could end society as we know it.

Your 18 year old child is not smart enough to drink alcohol and in some cases carry a firearm, but the “clump of cells” that the leftist, communist, “progressives” constantly tell us is “not a child” is somehow able to muster enough intelligence to decide it’s gender.

Can someone explain this to me, using basic 3rd grade level language, so I can understand just how this works? This is, by far, the most insane move by the “progressive” liberal communist have ever made. It is past time to make this stop. It is past time for parents and people with a heart, with a brain and with the smallest amount of faith, it is time to stand up, push back and absolutely attack this situation on all sides.

We need to be in the school board meetings, the city council meetings and begin letter writing, email, campaigns to every children’s hospital and all state funded hospitals. We need to be in front of every local news station possible. We need to shout from every housetop in the land. This can not go on another minute.

If your children are not yours and the parents of the children can be arrested for the crime of raising their children, making decisions that impact their children’s entire life, the state is now the owner and parents of those children, period.

Is this situation beyond what was happening in Sodom & Gomorrah? We think so. At the time that God stepped in to stop society from going further into the abyss of darkness, they did not have transgenders. They did not have people advocating for children to be property of the state. They did not have crazy people dancing in the streets wearing a dildo suit. They did not have men, in public libraries, dressed as women encouraging children to change their sex.

It is past time to stand up. If you are in the middle Tennessee area, or if you’re not, join us at the Tennessee State Capital where Matt Walsh will be holding a rally to call out the state for their lack of defense for our children and their parents.

TICKETS – The Rally To End Child Mutilation Friday October 21, 2022

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