Control The Currency…Control Everything, Everyone

Control The Currency…Control Everything, Everyone by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

Several years ago we penned a piece regarding the Federal Reserve and, more specifically, the corruption of the United States currency by way of the Federal Reserve Note (FRN). The FRN is owned, yes owned, by the Federal Reserve, which is a private – yes, private – corporation. It is not, just like the CDC, it is not – IT IS NOT – a government agency. It is not – IT IS NOT – owned by the people – public – of the United States, but rather, the Federal Reserve is owned by a small group of banks. Banks like JPMorgan/Chase, CITI, Well Fargo, Bank of America, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC and a handful of other banks. Did the picture just get a little clearer as to why – the reason – no one, not one bankster went to prison, lost any assets or even lost their quarterly / annual bonus when the “financial crisis” of 2008 unfolded. Not one of the “C” level filth lost a dime or went to prison – NOT ONE.

These same banks own the world banking cartel made up, primarily, of three global policy making, and lending, banking organizations. Once again, these organizations are privately owned and report to no government, they report to no citizen of any nation. They just exist. The pecking order is as follows – The International Monetary Fund (IMF). The IMF holds gold for nations around the world. The IMF creates loans (debt) for nations in order for them to continue operating the ponzi scheme of wealth transfer from the nations citizens to the banks. This is accomplished by the IMF loaning “funds” (nonexistent funds) to the nation in order for the nation to continue to “pay bills”. The nation put up assets, like water systems, transportation systems and the like as collateral for the fraudulent loan.

The IMF also issues what are called Special Drawing Rights (SDR’s) that are a “central bank currency” that allows nations to settle payments between nations. The role of this so-called currency has morphed over the past few years and beginning in 2017 the IMF, along with China, issued bonds valued in SDR’s. This is a significant change and has implications that are beyond our what we can currently see. Know this, whatever comes from the issuance of SDR’s is not for our benefit, period. This organization, the IMF, reports to the Bank for International Settlement (BIS), the central bank of central banks. The BIS sets policies and goals for central banks and oversees the transfer of wealth from the nations citizens to the banks through these policies. The BIS reports to the World Bank.

Last and certainly not least, is The World Bank which also writes policies for the BIS to ensure monetary and central banking policies are followed throughout the central banking network around the world. Once again, this organization reports to no one, they simply exist and everyone excepts their policies and NEVER, EVER pushes back. Control the “money” control the people, period.

We pray the picture is getting a little clearer as to how and why our currency is acting funny and inflation is running rampant. If our currency were still backed by silver and gold inflation would be under control and the banks would not own everything. The politicians would not be corrupt to the core. The corruption would be easily rooted out, as it was back before central banks took over everything. It is the policies handed down by central banks that ruin, destroy every aspect, every level of the economy in every nation in which there is a central bank. They are all owned by the same family, Rothschilds, and the banking cartel is the cover that separates the owner from the public. When was the last time a Rothschild, Warburger, Morgan made the “richest person in America” richest person in world” list? Yeah, they own the media so they do publish their names or their wealth.

Here’s one of the latest snippets to be brought to light from within the catacombs of the central banking satanic globalist hell. Remember, they always tell you what they are going to do and it is our responsibility to combat it.

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