You Can Always Dream

You Can Always Dream by James Howard Kunstler

Last night I had a dream. In the dream I woke up to the banner headline: BIDEN ARRESTED. It was only a dream, but was most satisfying, as it made vivid and emphatic what must happen to correct the dreadful tendings of the criminally psychopathic enterprise that our government has become.

The gang behind the shabby and absurd pretend-president — a figure as comically macabre as the plastic effigies of the undead who crowd American front yards this time of year — is not content with running the country into a ditch. Lately these rogues and degenerates are making noises about blowing up the world.

The autumn days dwindle down to signal events that will overturn this wicked enterprise. The yellow-and-blue flag of Ukraine can’t compete on the lawn with tableaux vivants of werewolves, skeletons hung with rotting flesh, radioactive burn victims, hooded demons from hell escaping their graves, and tortured souls shrieking from the various zones between this world and perdition. America is expressing itself with stunning verisimilitude to the onrush of reality: maybe we’ve had enough of romancing death.

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That’s the developing lesson of our fiasco in Ukraine. The past three weeks, the US and its vacillating NATO cohorts issued a set of challenging insults aimed at Russia, the designated “villain” in the concocted Ukraine melodrama produced-and-directed by the Party of Chaos as a diversion from our own acute problems at home.

First, the sabotage of Nord Streams One and Two. Maybe a US op, maybe UK, maybe Poland in the mix somewhere. Obviously not Russia, despite all the clumsy propaganda on CNN. What was the idea there, exactly? To deprive Russia of a natgas export market? Guess what? The destruction of the Nord Streams leaves plenty of natgas for the other 70-percent of the world that’s not Europe. And plenty of natgas for Russia itself to develop industries in an import-replacement program to offset the idiotic economic sanctions recklessly imposed on it by “Joe Biden” & Company.

Not such a good outcome for Germany and the EU, though. They will, first, freeze through the winter with idle furnaces and, second, starve in 2023-24 from a lack of fertilizer (made from natgas in the Haber-Bosch process). Oh, and no more industry for you, Euroland. It’s back to the jolly rigors of the Twelfth Century, planting barley and peasecods with pointed sticks while wolves roam the streets of your depopulated cities.

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