Could Corporate Prayer Have Rescued Tampa Bay Area From Mass Devastation?

Could Corporate Prayer Have Rescued Tampa Bay Area From Mass Devastation? by Anthony Hart for Charisma News

Hurricane Ian was projected on Sunday, Sept. 25 to hit Tampa, Florida as a Category 5, prompting hundreds of thousands of people in the Tampa Bay area to be evacuated and millions of more residents to prepare, pack up and pray.

The threat of such a massive hurricane to make landfall in the Tampa Bay area was frightening because it is an area that is highly vulnerable to storm surge, due to the geographical layout. That large of an excess of water having nowhere to go would perilously hit its beaches and roll thunderously across the area.

The national weather service, as reported by The Weather Channel, was reporting on that day that the track of Hurricane Ian was headed straight for Tampa. Residents faced the options to either escape or hunker down to ride out the storm. Mandatory evacuations were accelerated.

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On that Sunday, Christian ministers led corporate prayer in churches across the Tampa Bay area. Among them was Glenn Davis, Senior Pastor of Countryside Christian Church, a fountainhead church based in Clearwater, prophetically praying in front of the church’s thousands of congregants that the storm would not make landfall in Tampa. This was a similar prayer echoed in churches across Clearwater, St Petersburg, Tampa and surrounding towns.

By the next day, Tampa-based meteorologists started to report on local TV that the hurricane had shifted slightly and would hit Sarasota, which is south of Tampa, but there was still serious concern about storm surge spinning out into Tampa Bay. The shift eased tensions in the population, but only modestly. Uncertainty still prevailed in Tampa.

However, by Tuesday, Sept. 27, a local weatherman named Denis Phillips, the chief meteorologist at the local ABC affiliate and a local legend in weather in the Tampa Bay region, was reporting in blatant amazement that Hurricane Ian had taken a surprising and dramatic right turn and was heading to the Ft Myers/Naples area.

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