Social Justice Is The Law Of The Jungle

Social Justice Is The Law Of The Jungle by  for Blue State Conservative

Social Justice means the criminals are treated like poor little lost children who just need to have the seriousness of their crimes explained to them to get them to stop, even the ones who are on their 5th or 35th murder. And they get to be released to go live at home with an designer ankle bracelet to think about what they’ve done, on a No Bail Release, more likely to consider how many more they want to violently murder and just who’s next.

Social Justice tells the good, decent, honest hard-working people — the owners of Mom & Pop Shops — that they must stand by silently without any defensive measures and allow those who won’t work or have made themselves unemployable through their criminal actions to loot their stores at will and burn them to the ground if they dare utter a word of protest.
Social Justice says that people just as able as anyone to work are to be given free rein to loot and burn entire cities and occupy spaces as separately governed areas outside any control or jurisdiction of local, state or federal law. Anyone who says different is subject to being harassed, canceled or violently beaten, even shot and killed.

Social Justice and its Marxist/Maoist advocates say the parents don’t have any rights where their children are concerned, especially if some third grade amerikkan Commie Fascist “teacher” has determined your child is “confused about his or her gender and sexual identity. They would have us all place our children in State Care as Wards of the State to be done with as they see fit, whether that includes sex-change operations, grooming as sex partners for NAMBLA or turning them into a militant soldier for making all America “Gay”/ LGBTQ and Transgender friendly fighting to force all America to give this Small Minority of our population Privilege and Rights above and beyond those rights of all other Americans.

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SOCIAL JUSTICE incorporates every vile and evil entity and item one can imagine that cuts against the grain and works to subvert the family, culture and traditional Christian and Western American principles and virtues that were utilized and followed for the founding of the country. Its simply a nice catch-phrase that demands the end of America.

SOCIAL JUSTICE is no “Justice” at all. It simply provides cover for malcontents, thieves and murderers, and it rejects the Founding and the Constitution. It’s steeped deep in Black Liberation Theology, Marxism, Critical Race Theory, the Sexual Revolution and every anti-American counter-culture trash theory that is antithetical to America’s Christian founding.

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