Where is America Headed? (Video)

Where is America Headed? Video by Dennis Prager

John joins Dennis Prager in his Los Angeles studios for a discussion on Western political philosophy, American politics, the interplay of liberty and safety, left-wing ideology and the British monarchy in the wake of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.
Dennis Prager is a nationally syndicated talk show host with a global platform. He founded Prager University with the aim of preserving America, the West, and the Judeo-Christian value system. PragerU has amassed almost three million subscribers on YouTube.
As an expert on communism, the Middle East, and the left, he did his graduate work at the Russian and Middle East Institutes of the Columbia University School of International Affairs. He taught Russian and Jewish history at Brooklyn College.
He is a New York Times bestselling author of nine books on the subjects of religion, happiness, morality, the left, Islamism, and America. He is a life-long theologian. The Rational Bible is his five-volume commentary on the first five books of the Bible – rooted in his extensive knowledge of biblical Hebrew. They have made the New York Times Best-Seller list. The Rational Bible: Deuteronomy is due for release in October 2022.
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00:00 Intro
00:39 Introducing Dennis Prager
02:41 The legacy of Queen Elizabeth II, the promise of King Charles III
05:02 How did Queen Elizabeth II’s model of leadership teach people?
07:56 Did the Queen represent the three great guiding political philosophies?
09:33 The division of America
13:30 Who will lead America?
19:31 The collapse of Christianity in the West
20:45 The revolt against masculinity
24:44 The toppling of institutional freedoms
29:01 The concerning influence of elites
32:28 President Biden’s divisive speech
34:55 The suppression of conservatism
37:39 Emotion vs fact
40:54 Authoritarianism in Australia
44:04 Sacrificing freedom for security
46:16 The futile chasing of security
47:50 Can the right turn policy debates in their favour? What role does social media play?
49:46 Secular authoritarian regimes in the absence of Christian foundation
52:18 Are humans inherently good?
54:45 Dennis Prager’s outlook on life
57:40 America’s coherence of freedom

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