Israeli Safety Data That No One Whats To Discuss

Israeli Safety Data That No One Whats To Discuss by Steve Kirsch for Steve Kirsch’s Newsletter

The Israeli MoH, the scientists involved, and the CDC all declined to comment on the data leak showing that the government covered up serious injuries. Can you ask your doctor what she thinks?

Some highlights

From Israeli Investigators Find COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Side Effects: Leaked Video:

Rechallenge changes a causal link “from possible to definitive,” Dr. Mati Berkovitch, head of the research team and a pediatric specialist, said at the meeting.


Many of the reported adverse events were found to be long-lasting, which researchers said in the meeting was surprising since the brochure handed to vaccine recipients says otherwise. They also said Pfizer officials told them that Pfizer did not know of any long-lasting symptoms.


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In the official report later issued to the public, the MoH did not detail how researchers were caught off guard by the duration of the events and side effects. The health agency also stated that there were no new events identified.

It concludes:

The choice to omit some of the crucial findings discussed in the meeting from the public report is “a recipe to destroy” the entire vaccine program, according to Levi, an Israeli native and an expert in risk management.

“The more pro-vaccine, the more disturbed you need to be from something like this,” Levi told The Epoch Times. “And the reason is that the two most important enablers for vaccine programs … to be successful is trust and transparency, that you actually communicate to people the real risk-benefits and allow them to make choices about what they want to do. The second thing is that you take care of the people that were harmed by the vaccine because no vaccine has 100 percent safety.”

“I think we have in this example … where we violate these two very important principles,” he added. “This is a recipe to basically destroy all vaccine programs, so the more pro-vaccine you are, you should be more disturbed by this.”

Please ask your doctor to comment on this article

Let us know what she said in the comments.

Here’s the Epoch Times article on the Israeli safety data. It’s an important story.

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