‘We Are Taking Over Your Country’: The Baby Jihad Revs Up

‘We Are Taking Over Your Country’: The Baby Jihad Revs Up By RAYMOND IBRAHIM via The Stream

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A recent video of Muslims and Danes quarreling in Denmark is revealing in more ways than one — especially for those who are considering the merits of the Great Replacement theory. In the video, one Muslim man can be heard yelling the following words to a Dane:

We have five children, you only have one or two. In 10 to 15 years there will be more Pakistanis than Danes in this country!… The Danes are five million, soon you’ll be exterminated [or extinct?]. Look at the Swedes, look at the Norwegians, look at the Finns, man! We are multiples [of] millions, man!

The clamorous Muslim goes on to accuse Europeans of preferring bestiality to marriage, hence their lack of procreation. Soon other Muslims chime in. One says, “I just got married and will also have five children.” Others start yelling about how the Danes’ “mothers will be pregnant again,” because their mothers and sisters are “whores” (who presumably sleep around with the Muslims). Others chant, “This isn’t Denmark anymore, this is Paki-land” repeated several times, “We are taking over your country.”

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What’s In a Name?

Several indicators certainly support this last assertion — beginning with what the main Muslim man in the recent video was hollering about: Muslims are certainly outbreeding Europeans. This is evident in the simple fact that, all throughout Western Europe, the name Muhammad is either one of the most popular names given to newborn baby boys, or, in some countries and major cities — the Netherlands, England, Berlinthe most popular name.

This is to say nothing of other Arabic/Muslim names, which are also topping the charts of newborn baby names. Even in the U.S., Muhammad recently made the list of top 10 baby names. “Arabic names are on the rise this year,” the Baby Center explained, “with Muhammad and Aaliyah entering the top 10 and nudging Mason and Layla off.”

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