The Continued Damages to our Children

The Continued Damages to our Children by Robert W Malone MD, MS – SubStack

In December of 2021, I made and circulated what I like to refer to as my “hostage video”. It went viral, and the ministry of health of Israel (and other countries) directly attacked me for posting it. Most of you have probably seen it already, but it is embedded at the top of this Substack. I call this video that – because I basically pleaded with parents to be careful about vaccinating their children (and also because I am not very good with reading things on camera, and I came across like a hostage). That video has proven to be prescient. My hope is that I managed to influence at least a few parents to think twice before injecting their children.

But here we go again.

With all of the new press and government advocacy for the re-engineered “booster” shots that include both Wuhan-1 and BA-4/5 spike protein coding sequences, I decided to run a Pubmed search to discover what new research has been published on COVID-19 vaccines and children. It turns out to be a daunting tasks, as so much has been learned since I recorded that prescient viral video. There are now literally hundreds of articles on parental vaccine hesitancy and how to overcome it, and these have clogged the arteries of the scientific literature pipeline. Pubmed searches have become really difficult, because the noise related to the approved narrative has “flooded the information battlefield”. I don’t have to wonder too hard about the “who” that is funding all these vaccine “hesitancy” studies. IMO, these studies clearly show an effort by governments to fund their way out of COVID-19 “vaccine” hesitancy of parents all over the world. And if that was not enough of a problem for the vaccine pushers, now we have even the UK (British) government saying “no thank you” to COVID-19 genetic vaccines for children. For examples documenting this, please see here and here.

Good luck with that, COVID-19 genetic vaccine pushers. But this is also why we can’t stop researching, writing and speaking about this. If we do, they will win.

The data are becoming overwhelming that jabbing kids is a bad idea, just as I had warned last December. The majority of parents in the USA are coming to this decision everyday. Only 7% of parents have jabbed their children ages 6 months-4 years with a single dose or more as of August 31, 2022.

I take this to mean that we are winning the “war”, or at least this particular skirmish. Long ago Jill and I decided that trying to prevent the widespread deployment and mandating of these genetic COVID vaccines with children was “the hill that we would die on” (metaphorically). Most parents are drawing their own “line in the sand” at injecting their young children with an experimental “vaccine” that has a pretty sketchy safety profile and an upside down risk/benefit ratio. An injection for a disease for which healthy, normal children are at a very low risk for disease, let along death!

So, let look at some of the new data:

In the UK, vaccinating children under the age of 12 years old has stopped, except for children in high risk categories. As per the “Green Book – guidance found on page 25, Sept 4, 2022 edition.

The Green Book is guidance issued by HM Treasury on how to appraise policies, programmes and projects. It also provides guidance on the design and use of monitoring and evaluation before, during and after implementation.”

Subject to further clarification, on-going eligibility in 2022/23, after the one off-programme, is expected to be for children in the academic years where children are aged 11 or 12 years

Then we have the CDC’s own slide deck from their ACIP meeting – Sept 1, 2022. It is stunning.

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