Is the Bride of Christ Being Raped?

Is the Bride of Christ Being Raped? by Pastor Shane Idleman

I recently attended an event for pastors sponsored by Turning Point USA Faith. One of the speakers made an incredible statement. He said that we can no longer remain silent while the Bride of Christ is being raped.

Does that statement jar you? It should! The level of decadence and deception in our nation demands a strong rebuke: “I have written more boldly to you on some points” (Romans 15:15).

To be raped is to be forced into something against our will, and that is exactly what is happening today.

The City on the Hill is Being Trashed

Some may say, “But Shane, Christianity has always been exposed to wickedness all around her.” True, but we aren’t in North Korea or Iraq, or even in early Rome. In America, we have been given an extraordinary gift to steward, at least for now.

Has God not withdrawn His gracious hand because of compromise, capitulation, and cowardliness? I believe that He has.

Silence Speaks Volumes

As I wrote in Only the Pulpits Have the Power to Change America: “If we don’t stand for those who have no voice, then who will? If we don’t encourage God’s Word in all areas of life, who will? Silence is not a virtue when the innocent are hurting and suffering.

I’m in no way endorsing “Christian nationalism,” but I am endorsing Christian influence via humility. Saying nothing is saying something—silence speaks volumes.

Kids in the Crosshairs

A significant area where people are being forced against their will is in the area of sexualizing children. When a sexually deviant cultural movement shapes kids as well as curriculum, they are clearly in the crosshairs.

Although there are some incredible leaders within school districts, what many are doing is nothing short of child abuse. Let that sink in! There is no reason anyone needs to help kids as young as three with their “gender journey.” I don’t have words strong enough to condemn this type of illicit perversion.

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