Will Transhumanism Be Achieved Using Vaccines?

Will Transhumanism Be Achieved Using Vaccines? by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

Welcome to the future.

Please search this phrase to begin your personal research – intra-body nano network administered by vaccine. If you use a search engine like Brave or Start Page you will have a better opportunity of reaching actual peer reviewed research papers. We plugged that phrase into Brave search engine and the number of research papers that showed up blew our minds. Some peer reviewed others were not. All were written over the past DECADE, mostly prior to the COVID19 vaccine became MANDATORY. hmmm…

The we searched, as suggested, the following phrase – internet of bodies. Once again we were blown away by the volume, the depth of research – which equals vast sums of investment – and just how scary the MANDATORY COVID19 vaccine really is. We are pureblood, we are unaltered by their lies. We have taken ZERO jabs and will die before we are injected with a nightmare. (Video below donations)

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We are going to publish one of the articles, originally published in 2020, published by one of the scariest corporations you never heard of – RAND. RAND is an NGO, they only do work for the government and they get a lot of no-bid contracts. These people are terrifying. You can read it by clicking this link >>>

Please watch this video, do a little research and make your own decisions. We are not here to tell you what to think, we just ask that you do, in fact, think about what is happening all around us. Please pray for those that have been injected.

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