Atheists Do NOT Like This Part of Noah’s Ark (Video)

Atheists Do NOT Like This Part of Noah’s Ark Video

If you’ve not been to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum you should go as soon as your schedule will allow. Be prepared – go to the Creation Museum FIRST – be ready to read a lot and for tight quarters – it is worth it, especially the first 3/4 of the journey. There is, at the very end just before exiting the Creation Museum, a time lapse video showing the Ark Encounter being built – from the land being cleared to the doors opening!! Awesome. The Ark Encounter is MASSIVE – you think you might have an idea of how big it is, until you arrive and see it live!!! Amazing. The details, the artistry and the story are so well done. We spent more than 4 hours going through and we are planning on going back so we can revisit what we missed.

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