Satanic Globalist Hate Us – Not Sure Why

Satanic Globalist Hate Us – Not Sure Why by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

Straight from the horses mouth – “we are on our way to reducing the world population by 50%” – because people were stupid enough to be injected with something the government told them to take “or else”. Well, now you see what the “or else” really is – eliminating the carbon called you.

Several years ago, on The Daily Coin, we penned an article titled “I Don’t Know Why They Hate Us”. The gist of the article was asking a question about chemtrails, abortion, climate hoax, poisoned water, garbage food and other situations that have a direct impact on our everyday lives. We did not understand then and we don’t understand now what we have done to bring about such hatred towards so many innocent people that are simply trying to live their life, educate their children and do the best they can with what they have. If you understand life then you know the vast majority of people are solid “C” average. Some winners, some losers but most of us live right in the middle. Conservative with finances, believe in God and want a safe, comfortable place to have a family.

After almost twelve years of studying, researching and analyzing what is happening around us we now have a much better idea what’s behind all this hatred. We always understood we were engaged in a Spiritual war, but we just didn’t understand the depth and breadth of the war. It has now become clear the people in charge, around the world and especially those in the global organizations like the UN, WEF and others, it is now clear these people are in fact agents of the devil. We don’t say that to be flippant, we mean exactly what we say. These people are agents of the devil. They pray to lucifer, the tempter, the deceiver, the prince of darkness and a thousand other names that a liar would use.


Does anyone, with eyes to see and ears to hear, believe China is a government to emulate? We don’t think so, but the satanic globalist love what Xi Jinping is doing and how he controls 1.4 BILLION people. Murders at will, harvest organs of healthy people, utilizes slave labor and has created a two tier system. This is the model these people want for the world.

It’s not just evil people at the top it’s also minions that run American cities, like Chicago.

These evil people are the ones carrying out the orders of their owners who run the United Nations, World Bank and World Economic Forum. People like Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot and her District Attorney, Kim Foxx, are destroying the city from within.

We are not picking at these two evil people, there are plenty more. Gavin Newsome, LA District Attorney Gascone, Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney, along with Philly District Attorney, Larry Krasner. These people are beyond evil and carry out their orders with precision and expedience.

What have you and your family done to deserve such ire by people that don’t know you and you don’t even know? They are coming for our lives, our children and what remains of our wealth. These people see our lives as meaningless. They see our hopes and dreams for liberty and a life lived for Jesus Christ as a threat to their program. The idea is for the state to be god and the servants of the state to be the barons over our lives. We are not to serve one another, we are not to serve Jesus Christ, we are not serve anyone except the state.

Men are to be slaves and provide the muscle for making the machine operate. Women are to push the buttons that make the machine tick and be the uterus that provide children to the elite and provide just enough children to barely replace the needed number of bodies to make the machine work. All other human bodies are to be eliminated.

As always you are welcome to believe whatever you like. Our challenge to you is simply pull the veil back just enough to get a glimpse behind the curtain. What you will see will probably scare you so badly the blinders will remain in place until your door is smashed in and guns are pointed in your face. The choice is yours. Open your eyes on-your-own today or wait for the satanic globalist to open them for you.

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