Abortion Clinic Caught Storing Bodies of Aborted Babies in a Utility Room

Abortion Clinic Caught Storing Bodies of Aborted Babies in a Utility Room by Right to Life UK  for Life News

GNN Note – Imagine the reaction from leftist around the world if this story were about baby elephants instead of baby humans? The outcry would be deafening, instead there is silence. Trained seals don’t think for themselves they only do, and react, as they are told. / END

An abortion clinic in Birmingham has been found to be storing foetal remains in a utility room.

An inspection was undertaken by the CQC into the abortion clinic in Sandwell, Birmingham, run by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), which is the UK’s largest abortion provider.

According to the CQC report, the remains of dead babies were left in an unlocked utility room rather than in a freezer, where they should have been stored.

The BBC reported that the remains of the dead babies were left for up to two weeks “at room temperature”.

BPAS Sandwell, located at Glebefields Health Centre in Tipton, has now been given a ‘requires improvement’ rating after an inspection visit by the CQC in March this year.

The report states that the remains of the dead babies were kept in “an unlocked utility room and were not stored appropriately in a freezer. BPAS policy identifies pregnancy remains should be put into yellow clinical waste sacks and stored in a secure freezer or placed into HSTC in a secure storeroom away from clients and the public”.

The report also outlined that the abortion clinic did not follow policy in regards to the collection of the remains of dead babies, which should have been supervised by a designated staff member.

“Staff said the contractor collected the pregnancy remains around 5am, with access provided by the cleaners. Staff were unclear about the frequency of collection and said pregnancy remains were collected every two weeks. Information provided following the inspection confirmed two weekly collection. However [these] pregnancy remains were not stored appropriately and were left at room temperature until the next collection”.

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