5 Most Realistic Humanoid Robots in The World (Video)

5 Most Realistic Humanoid Robots in The World Video by MoTech

From iRobot to Stephen Spielberg’s AI, humanoid robots are the stuff of science fiction. For almost a century, futurists and soothsayers have predicted the dawn of a new species: the robot. Not only would these mechanical marvels walk and talk, but they’d also handle all the tasks we didn’t want to do, from chores to mining. Far back in 1932, British inventor Harry May showed off his robotic invention called Alpha, which could fire a gun at a target. To a world shocked by the rampant unemployment of the Great Depression, the humanoid robot was a terrifying prospect. Here was a worker without needs of food, water, or rest. Yet, almost a century on, the nightmare never came to pass. While robots are now commonplace in factories worldwide, they’re robotic arms screwing on car wheels or producing high-end electronics, the humanoid robot remains elusive. Until now. In this video, I’ll explore five of the most realistic humanoid robots being developed today and answer if the future is shiny and chrome, after all.

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