Honor Your Mother

Honor Your Mother by Myra Kahn Adams for Town Hall

Thanks for joining us on Mother’s Day. Before we discuss relevant Scripture, I will share an uplifting story about the death of my mother, Gloria Cohen Kahn, who passed at age 90. Gloria had no memory of her mother, who died from a botched gallbladder operation when Gloria was two years old.

Fast forward 88 years to the night my mother passed away. About midnight, the nursing home called with the expected news. After calling my sisters, I went to bed. Shortly after, drifting off to sleep, I had a vision but was watching from a distance. First, in what seemed to be real-time, I saw what I knew was my mother but viewed from behind. She was walking, almost floating on air, and wearing a flowing garment.

Second, I noticed an identically dressed woman was waiting on the side. As my mother continued walking, the woman stepped in front and embraced her with the overwhelming love I felt in my vision. Immediately, I knew I was watching my grandmother greet her daughter in heaven.

I told my husband and then retold the story at my mother’s funeral events. Seven years later, every detail is still crystal clear. Thus, I hope you found this to be a comforting Mother’s Day story for readers whose mothers have passed.

And one more quick story about my Jewish mother. Gloria was not religious and admittedly had never read the Old or New Testament. However, about four years before she passed, Gloria became a believer in Jesus, who she called “Yeshua” (his Hebrew name) and would tell me she prayed to Him. But before that, during the Christmas season, when Gloria was in her mid-80s, I said to her that she and Jesus’s mother, Mary had something in common – both were Jewish mothers. Gloria was not only surprised to hear that news but said, “Gee, I thought Mary was a Catholic statue.”

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