Florida Prayer Network Unites Body of Christ With Bible Reading on National Day of Repentance

Florida Prayer Network Unites Body of Christ With Bible Reading on National Day of Repentance by ANTHONY HART for Charisma News

The entire Bible was read aloud on the steps of the Florida State Capitol in only 60 minutes last Saturday, April 30 — the National Day of Repentance.

The Florida Prayer Network organized the simultaneous reading of every chapter and verse of the Word of God with believers participating in what Pam Olsen, a leader in Florida’s prayer movement and spiritual awakening, describes as a “roar” as people read together.

“The simultaneous Bible reading is a powerful time that brings together the body of Christ to declare, in one voice, in one accord, at one time the Word of the Lord from Genesis to Revelation,” says Olsen, the head of the Florida Prayer Network. “It is a powerful time standing at the heart of our state government, reading the Bible out loud. Something supernatural happens when we declare God’s Word together with humble, repentant hearts.”

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The Florida Prayer Network hosts the Bible reading every year on the Day of Repentance. “The simultaneous Bible reading is a powerful way to change the atmosphere in the capital city before the National Day of Prayer.”

In the past, the network organized the reading over multiple days with each individual reading Bible passages in 15-minute increments. Then a new idea for how to conduct it sprang up.

“The Lord downloaded this amazing way to do the Bible reading in one hour,” explains Olsen. “We start the time in prayer together and then start reading all at once. You might be standing next to someone reading in Genesis, and the person to the other side of you is reading in Revelation, and you are declaring Isaiah. Families come together and share this important time of reading together. Children even read from their children’s Bible, and they love it.”

Several years ago, someone in the U.K. heard about Florida’s Bible reading and contacted the Florida Prayer Network to find out how to do it, according to Olsen. It takes 90 people. Scriptures are assigned to each person. It takes one hour to complete. If more people show up, the Bible can be read through twice within the same time frame. Following this guidance, the person in the U.K. organized a group of Christians who read the Bible out loud in front of the U.K. Parliament in one hour.

This innovative way to publicly read the Bible for high impact reflects Florida as a trendsetter beyond its borders in the spiritual arena, too.

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