Gov. Ron DeSantis: Taxes The Rich – Communist Democrats Lose Their Mind

Gov. Ron DeSantis: Taxes The Rich – Communist Democrats Lose Their Mind by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

For at least a decade we have heard the leftist democrats screeching “tax the rich”. We even had communist Sandy Ocasio-Cortez wear a dress at some “red carpet” event that stated exactly that on the dress – “tax the rich”.

Never forget that Sandy Ocasio-Cortez is an actress who auditioned for the role of “Senator” (she changed her name to Alexandria sometime between college and accepting the role as “senator”).

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So, we know the leftist love strutting around spewing slogans they don’t support, they don’t want to happen and believe in their heart they will never happen, at least, not on their watch.

Enter Ron DeSantis

This year, 2022, with the full support of the Florida Legislators, the state of Florida is becoming more liberated on a daily basis. The people of Florida have elected their Representatives and it seems the Representatives are actually representing the people instead of the “woke” mob, corporate interest and the gay mafia. All of these very small entities have their hands wrapped around so many “representatives” across the country it is frightening. The truly good news is their stronghold is being broken in front of the world in Florida.

The communist democrats across America are now screeching like a trapped, wounded wild animal. Those of us that are not a member of the gay mafia, woke mob or sit on the board of some soul-less corporation, like Disney, no longer hear their screeches. We no longer care what the 4% of perverts, sexual deviants and satanic-globalist are attempting to force upon the 96% of us that refuse to play along in their mental illness. We just don’t care.

Of course, now that the duly elected Governor and the State Legislators have represented the MAJORITY of people in Florida the usual cry-bullies are coming out of the woodwork and calling the Governor…wait for it…a nazi.

Never forget these are the same people what wouldn’t recognize an actual nazi if he had a swastika tattooed on his back and a Ukraine flag sown on his uniform…

Here’s one example of the nazi extremist in the Ukraine army…the U.S. is funding these people and woke mob dutifully place a Ukraine flag in their social bio even though they couldn’t point Ukraine on a map if their life depended on it.

Another example of the Azov Battalion using nazi symbols to represent themselves

what about this…

So, the communist democrats in the House of Representatives calling Trump, DeSantis and others nazi’s are funding actual nazi’s in Ukraine. So, no, they wouldn’t recognize an actual nazi if he had a swastika tatted on his neck and a Ukraine flag sown on his uniform. But, DeSantis is the new nazi since Trump is no longer in office.

As the dust settles on a powerful week for the people of the U.S. Florida seems to be leading the way in showing us that We The People, do in fact, have the power, the numbers and the willingness to push back and win against these forces that are attempting to indoctrinate our children, our communities and our nation. We can win and here are a couple of examples of just how we do it.

Sign legislation that represents the people pushing poison out of our schools, corporations and government offices.

Protector your investments from evil people attempting to use YOUR wealth against you.

Show up on one of the most watched news shows in the country and tell the world what you have done, how you did it and what happened.

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