Dr. Robert Malone: The CDC hid covid data and committed massive scientific fraud

Dr. Robert Malone: The CDC hid covid data and committed massive scientific fraud by:  for Natural News

Joe Biden and the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are looking to subvert child abuse laws in Texas, to endorse the chemical castration of youth and to encourage more schoolchildren to seek out gender-reassignment surgeries, puberty blockers and other methods of physiological self-destruction.

The Biden regime wants to embolden sexually-perverted adults so they can continue to get away with abusing children’s minds and leading them down a path of hopelessness and self-destruction. Biden seeks to pervert biological reality and twist the minds of children to ensure that they continue to be chemically castrated, their hormones blocked, their reproductive systems MAIMED.

Biden endorses child abuse and castration

Governor Greg Abbott is taking a stand against this sick form of child exploitation and abuse. On February 22, he instructed the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate “abusive gender-transitioning procedures” that are inflicted upon children. These procedures include “a wide variety of elective procedures for gender transitioning, including reassignment surgeries that can cause sterilization, mastectomies, removals of otherwise healthy body parts, and administration of puberty-blocking drugs or supraphysiologic doses of testosterone or estrogen.”

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Abbott wrote that the unproven treatments constitute “child abuse.” Medical professionals are NOT to tolerate this kind of abuse. Any parent that subjects their child to this kind of abuse is to be reported. Predatory counselors who goad children into these ideologies and surgeries should be investigated and removed from their position.

The Biden regime was quick to take on Governor Abbott, arguing that his actions represent “government overreach at its worst.” Ignoring the blatant irony of this statement, the HHS secretary said they would “take immediate action if necessary” to ensure “gender-affirming care for transgender children” in Texas. Biden argued that Abbott was just trying to “score political points” and that the governor’s actions “callously threaten to harm children and their families.”

“These actions are terrifying many families in Texas and beyond. And they must stop,” Biden’s letter read. His letter was linked to the HHS statement declaring to reaffirm “HHS support and protection for LGBTQI+ children and youth.”

“The Texas government’s attacks against transgender youth and those who love and care for them are discriminatory and unconscionable. These actions are clearly dangerous to the health of transgender youth in Texas,” wrote HHS Secretary, Xavier Becerra.

Misleading, poisoning, castrating and maiming youth constitutes crimes against children

If Biden is successful in using the federal government to empower child abusers, the courts could set a new precedent that encourages the physical castration of youth and the permanent affirmation of their mental and hormonal struggles in adolescence. More often than not, a youth is groomed down this path of gender-reassignment and physiological self-destruction. Adolescent struggles are real but urges and feelings are temporary. Misleading and poisoning youth over these temporary struggles constitutes crimes against children. Once gender dysphoria is affirmed by parents, counselors, medical professionals and the government, permanent damage can be done.

Radical, left-wing perverts do not care to understand the root causes of hormonal imbalance, family dysfunction and gender dysphoria in youth. They do not support a healing process that affirms the child’s true birth gender. Instead, these perverts bypass informed consent and encourage the children to take part in abusive hormonal regimes and surgeries that destroy their physiology for life when they are still too young to understand the life-long repercussions.

Young people often deal with issues in their personal lives that make them question and explore their identity. It is common for them to experience certain feelings or urges that contradict who they really are. However, youth need NOT find their identity or sense of belonging in a predatory LGBTQI+ cult, which only seeks to subjugate and use children in a twisted cycle of abuse. When a parent or other adult affirms the child’s confusion, they are not dealing with the heart of the matter. Instead, they are ignoring the youth and preying on their struggle. This will lead to permanent damage, whether it be psychologically, socially, physiologically, sexually, emotionally and/or spiritually.

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