Where Are the Nine? | Luke 17:11-19 (Video)

Where Are the Nine? | Luke 17:11-19 Video by Pastor Gary Hamrick for Cornerstone Chapel Leesburg VA

In Luke 17 Jesus encounters ten men afflicted with leprosy—a debilitating and ultimately deadly disease that is mentioned 68 times in the Bible. Jesus miraculously healed all ten men but only one returned to give thanks to Jesus. When he did, he received even more than the other nine—salvation. All ten men received physical healing, but only one—the one who returned to thank Jesus—got healing for his soul as well. This life is only temporary, but there is a life to come that is eternal! Join Pastor Gary for today’s teaching entitled, “Where Are the Nine?”

00:00 – Welcome
00:42 – Introduction
02:01 – Where are the nine?
15:58 – 1) To affirm God’s commands
18:51 – 2)To testify to the priests that Jesus is God
20:24 – 3) To test the faith of the lepers
24:51 – 1) Ten cried out to Jesus but only one came back to thank him.
25:05 – 2) Ten were healed but only one was saved.
25:09 – 3) Ten got something temporal but only one got something eternal.

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