Nothing Is Impossible With God

Nothing Is Impossible With God Dr. Billy Wilson via Christian News Journal

I grew up as a brokenhearted kid from an impoverished, uneducated family, living in a very dark neighborhood of a tiny little town. How could I have imagined, even in my wildest dreams, that I would one day travel the world preaching the Gospel and become the president of a major university? That outcome was utterly impossible for me.

The Christmas story is also utterly impossible. Scripture records 300 prophecies that point to Jesus. It’s mathematically impossible for anyone to fulfill all 300, and yet Jesus did it. Consider just one of the prophecies, that a virgin would have a baby. It sounds absurd, yet that’s exactly how Jesus was born. Nothing is impossible for God.

This Christmas many are facing mountains of impossibility such as addiction, financial hardship, broken relationships and more. But, the Holy Spirit is always at work. Even when we don’t see him, we can be assured that the Holy Spirit is still working.

That’s what happened to my family. My grandparents lived in deep poverty, barely able to put food on the table for my mom, their only child. But one Christmas, an assistant pastor from a local church knocked on their door. The pastor stood just inside the door and talked for a few moments about Jesus, then asked, “Would you mind if we have a prayer?” He held their hands and prayed.

I never heard what compelled that young man to knock on their door. I just know that when he did, my grandparents felt the power and presence of the Holy Spirit possibly for the first time in their lives.

After Christmas, my grandparents visited that man’s church and surrendered their hearts to Christ. My grandfather had almost no education, yet as he was faithful to God, God started giving him better jobs. Eventually, my grandparents bought a piece of land and built a small home in a corner of that tiny town.

My mom grew up, married, and brought my two sisters and me into the world. But when I was five years old, my dad left us. So, my mom packed us up and moved us into my grandparents’ tiny house. My grandfather built on an extension for us. He and my grandmother took us to church, taught us about Jesus, and helped us overcome the bitterness and anger we felt about our situation.

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