Gun Control Fail: Canadian Gun Owners Not Turning in Their Recently Banned Guns

Gun Control Fail: Canadian Gun Owners Not Turning in Their Recently Banned Guns By Brandon Morse for Red State

Despite the Canadian government’s banning of certain firearms, Canadians just aren’t giving up their boomsticks, disappointing experts and officials who were certain that they would be receiving guns by the truckload.

According to iPolitics, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau instituted a ban that took place on May 1 of 2020, and estimated that the ban would apply to around 100,000 firearms in the country.

As of today, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have received a grand total of 160 guns for decommissioning out of that aforementioned massive number as reported by iPolitics:

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“The Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) can confirm that, as of Dec. 9, 2021, 18 firearms (formerly classified as restricted) affected by the May 1, 2020, Order in Council (OIC) have been deactivated,” added Sgt. Caroline Duval, the spokesperson who forwarded the Mounties’ response.

“In addition, there have been 142 OIC-affected firearms recorded as surrendered to a public agency for destruction since May 1, 2020.”

Before we begin attributing this to Canadians suddenly developing a sense of wisdom about personal protection and the importance of firearm ownership to one’s freedoms, it’s very possible that many are awaiting a promised buyback program that was supposed to follow the ban some time ago.

The Canadian government has stated that those who turn their guns in before the program is put in place will not be retroactively compensated.

“If an individual or business were to relinquish a newly prohibited firearm or device before the implementation of the buyback program, they won’t be eligible for compensation once the program is announced,” the RCPM said in a statement to iPolitics. “Government officials are currently in the process of refining requirements and developing program design and implementation options for a buyback program.”

The question now is whether or not they’ll even get there. According to The Reload, this gun ban has already become bloated with spending on consultancy fees and enforcement planning. This may be a long wait for a train that isn’t coming anyway, but even as this ban has a two-year amnesty period for a law passed early last year, the lack of Canadians getting cold feet and turning in their guns anyway isn’t a promising sign for the Trudeau administration.

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