Vaccines Effectiveness In Question…

Vaccines Effectiveness In Question…

Here’s a little montage of food for thought.

Why do the vaccinated need protection from the unvaccinated? This is one of the most insane thoughts in the history of thoughts. To actually say – out loud in front of a live microphone – that vaccinated people need protection from unvaccinated people. If you have been vaccinated against to protect you from an illness – any illness – why would you fear that illness? Does the vaccine work or doesn’t it? If it works, no fear. If it doesn’t work, why did you take it?

This is really growing tiresome having to deal with people so uneducated it is frightening. the uneducated are a dangerous people as their lack of knowledge makes them weak and gullible which means they will respond from a place of emotion instead of knowledge. This means they will react in way, and at times, that are completely unknown and are 100% without merit. The sad part is the number of people falling into the “let the government and TV think for me” group is growing.

This group of tweets paints a very clear picture of some of the truth that is not being reported, discussed and is most certainly not part of the broader based conversation. We need more of this information getting out into the wild and not locked up on Twitter or just small groups of social media accounts. It needs to be part of the everyday landscape of conversation. Please do your part and bring this information to the table.

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