Life Giving Breath…

Life Giving Breath…

Good morning tireless Ambassador for the Kingdom of God.

Heavenly Father, Almighty God, we thank You for showering our lives with grace and mercy.
Father God as we place Your name over our lives and above all things we thank You for renewing our
mercies every morning and blessing us with new life.

Father we are not worthy of Your love but You call us Your Sons and Daughters in spite of our
shortcomings, transgressions and sin toward You. We can never repay the debt You have paid in our honor.
Father we ask that You wrap Your loving arms around us and our family and raise them up, let them feel
Your presence, right now, and know that You are with us in this moment and forevermore.

Father it is by Your hand alone that we have vision in our eyes and we enjoy life abundantly. It is by Your hand
that we have anything and everything. We are Your humble servant in thanks for what You have done and
continue to do for us. Father God, open the narrow gate so that we may enter. Father God, Light the path
so that we may reach others and share Your Living Word with Your lost sheep. We search for the one, Father,
that has gone astray, our Brother and our Sister who are searching for You and have lost sight of the Light.

Son of God, Jesus Christ, strengthen us and our family so we may walk out of this hospital victorious
over this menace that was delivered by the hand of the evil one. Jesus Christ we cry out for Your healing touch,
Your loving touch and Your Powerful life giving breath. Soften our heart so that we may receive Your blessings,
search our mind and soul and rebuke any word, any spirit that is not from You, for You or about You – rebuke them
all in the name of Jesus Christ. Father, clear the room, clear the hospital of all spirits that You did not send, that do
not represent You and that do not speak for You – rebuke them all in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Lift us
lift us right now, Father, and let the Light of Your Love shine ever brighter through our lives.

We pray in the name of our Loving and Most Powerful God, Jesus Christ. Amen

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