Supply Chain Shortages – Preparing For Breakdown

Supply Chain Shortages – Preparing For Breakdown ByKen J.  for Modern Survival Blog

GNN Note – Have you noticed missing items in your grocery store? If not, pay attention, there are missing items, big holes of missing product, on every isle. Pay attention and begin, quietly, buying tow or three of the items that are important to you and your family – make room at the house, watch your expiration dates to ensure less waste and begin backfilling EVERYTHING. /END

Supply chain shortages are everywhere. Seemingly affecting all industries to varying extents. We all know what happened in 2020. Therefore we all know the underlying causation.

The effects (supply chain shortages) continue to ripple through the world. Consequently, all sorts of industry are affected by these shortages. Many, hidden from the public eye.

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For example, maybe there’s a bicycle manufacturing company. You want to buy one of their particular bikes. But you find out that they’re not available. Why? Because apparently 2,000 production bicycles are held up from shipping because there’s a shortage of a particular metal brake part. No known delivery date…

This type of thing is happening everywhere.

I’ll bet most of you have encountered such issues within various industries.

I have renewed concerns about supply chain shortages…

I am becoming increasingly concerned. My gut instinct feels a bit different than during early 2020. We know a lot more now. We have witnessed what happened. The shortages that did occur. However this time I have renewed concerns about what may be coming. This Fall. Winter. Maybe sooner?

Preparedness is largely motivated by recognition of systemic risks to our way of life. I sense MORE potential disruption than we experienced during 2020. Here’s the how and why of my thinking…

First, let me say this… I’m not going to get into the politics and ‘political science’ behind what happened, what is currently happening, and that of the ultimate goal. Rather, I recognize it, know it with certainty, and will adapt to whatever unfolds. I cannot change it.

Even as I type, there are new lockdowns occurring all across regions of the rest of world. The ‘variants’. We’re not even in flu season yet. It’s still several months away. That tells me this… When we do get there, the manufactured fear is going to be crazy. The result of which is going to be very, very bad for the supply chains of the world. Supply chain shortages will become much, much worse.

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