Tweets 6/25/21

Tweets 6/25/21

Below is a group of random tweets that showed up earlier today. Some funny, some tragic and others, well, you decide.

We’ll start with a great flashback from the Gipper.

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You better watch this one quick – before the “fact checkers” erase it from history

Pastor John MacArthur gets back on the truth train

If you still believe that monsters and devils are not present on this earth, please explain the tweet below. Please speak slowly so that I can understand your specific argument defending a mother murdering their child in the womb.

#NotMyPresidentBiden attempting to…well…I don’t really know what he is attempting to do. Is he speaking to a group of children, letting a secret out to the entire world?!?! I have no idea.

Please keep in mind people around the world see this the same as you and I. The bad news is they speak American, where as, we can barely speak our own language any longer, people around the world speak it fluently.

Remember kids…

John McAfee didn’t kill himself.

Once again Marjorie-Taylor Greene shows her mettle.

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