Open Up The Doors (Video)

Open Up The Doors Video by Housefires

Come and dwell
In the space we’ve made
You can have our hearts
You can have Your way
Cuz we’re tearing down
All the walls we’ve built
Be welcome now
Be welcome here

We open up the doors
We open up the doors
We open up the doors
And let You in

Come and move
in the barren lands
Come like a fire
Come like a friend
Cause we’re ready for
That gospel sound
When your spirit blows
And heaven comes down

Fill every room
Every hall
Meet us here
In it all
Our every day
Our mundane
In every space
In every way
Nothing hidden
In your sight
You bring everything
To life
If we just open up our eyes
We’ll see you in it / with us / here

Come in

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