Conservatives Need To Get It On

Conservatives Need To Get It On by Kurt Schlichter for Town Hall

Let me put this as William F. Buckley might have said it – as a patriotic conservative, it is your duty to call upon that booty.

Last week the census report came out and it is a lights n’ sirens red alert emergency –America’s population grew at the smallest rate since the Great Depression. Down this road to extinction just a few years ahead of us are the morally and culturally exhausted nations of Europe which have not seen their people hitting replacement rate in a generation. The problem is that Americans are not making babies, and we need to solve it. That’s where us conservatives getting it on comes in.

As conservatives, we need to make the having of children the center of our policies. This will make the country stronger, and it will make conservatism stronger as well. We’re still doing okay baby-wise, but our ghastly elite is kid-free. That’s fine – the fewer Kadens and Ashleighs the frigid woke wine women of suburbia punch out the better.

Of course, their answer is to import people from the Third World to act as their serfs, incidentally increasing their own political power at our expense. I like immigrants – I married one – but we’re not going to be America if we don’t make more Americans. And since our ruling caste thinks America is a terrible racist hellhole of racism, and recoils at the classic notion of a melting pot, an uncontrolled flood of immigrants who aren’t required to become Americans means America becomes something other than America. And we like America being American.

We do need some immigrants – ones with useful skills and a desire to be Americans – but what we conservatives must do is take up the slack. That means a dual-axis attack on the political and cultural trends leading us toward barrenness. Plus, more getting it on.

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