Tennessee church celebrates over 1,000 baptisms in 4 months; pastor stresses need for ‘silence and solitude’

Tennessee church celebrates over 1,000 baptisms in 4 months; pastor stresses need for ‘silence and solitude’ By Anugrah Kumar for Christian Post

GNN Note – This church is located less than 5 miles from us and is sparking a revival in all the churches in the area. At the church we attend we had 6 children, under the age of 8, simultaneously, yet individually, give their life to Christ and 3 of them have been baptized in the past few weeks. Something is happening in this area that is God directed. /END

Pastor Robby Gallaty said his church has baptized more than 1,000 people from 15 different states over the last four months after he went through a year of “silence and solitude.”

Gallaty, the senior pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee, told Faithwire that his church has baptized 1,048 people since Dec. 20, after he spent time with the Lord for 10 months. The pastor started by sitting with the Lord for 20 minutes, then 40 minutes, until he worked up to spending an hour to two hours a night with the Lord.

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The church also become a praying church by setting up a 24/7 prayer movement online.

Easter weekend they baptized 201 people.

“I began sitting with the Lord for 10 months. Then, finally, Dec. 15, 2020, I’m on the porch, and I hear as clear as day these words in my head, after a season of silence and solitude: ‘Spontaneous baptism,’” the pastor is quoted as saying by CBN News.

However, the following Sunday, the church witnessed its lowest attendance at the service since he started serving at Long Hollow five years ago.

The attendance was due to the rising number of COVID-19 infections at the time, but Gallaty said he was still confident about what God had told him about many being ready for baptism.

As many as 99 people were baptized that day, he recalled, adding that as he was sitting outside his house that evening, God “showed me, ‘These are the heavy raindrops, Robby, before the torrential downpour that’s coming.’”

The pastor said he then shared his vision with his fellow church leaders and, on the following Tuesday, which was three days before Christmas, they held a baptism-only service. Another 81 people showed up that day for baptism.

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