God’s Image for Today’s World – The Essential Hope (Podcast)

God’s Image for Today’s World – The Essential Hope Podcast by for Break Point

I have a hunch that if I went from one church to another, or one Christian school to another, or one Bible study to another, and stood in front and challenged these followers of Christ, saying, “Fill in the blank. The Bible says that humans are made . . . ,” my guess is that I’d get a pretty solid answer: “In the image of God!”

However, if we followed up that question with another one, asking, “What is the image of God? What difference does the image of God make?” I think the response would involve far more crickets than clarity. Our lack of understanding and our inability to articulate what the image of God means, and what difference this doctrine makes, is an incredibly debilitating oversight in the Church right now, and this for several reasons.

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First, the image of God is essential to understanding the story of Scripture. Today when we talk about identity in churches and especially youth group Bible studies and things like that, we use this phrase, “identity in Christ.” But to fully understand what this identity in Christ is, we need to understand our identity in creation.

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