How Many Magazines Per Gun

How Many Magazines Per Gun by  for Modern Survival Blog

How many mags should I have per gun? Well, can you ever have too many? Okay, kidding aside, you may be wondering what is a good number of magazines per gun (for your pistols, rifles).

I polled the readers here (back during 2017 while Trump was President and there were lesser relative concerns). But I will be curious if it’s changed any – now that it’s 2021. Why? Because of the present regime’s well known plans and ambitions in this regard (2A takedown).

How Many Pistol Mags For SHTF

The majority felt that 4 to 6 extra mags per gun (pistol) was just about right. That question was not asked in context of SHTF. Rather, a general question. Still, four to six extra magazines does feel like a good number to be at. It allows for mag rotation, and spares.

How Many Magazines Per Rifle

10 magazines or more per gun (rifle / AR). That was the result of our poll. In fact, the majority said “more” than 10, while “10” came in second place. This question at the time referenced Rifles / AR platform.

Tip: Mark all your magazines (serialize in some way). That way if one of them becomes problematic, you know which one is which. I use an oil-based paint marker pen for this.

Reasons why you might consider having extra magazines for your guns – pistols & rifles:

  • Potential for Leftist Regime .gov ban attempts of so called “high capacity” magazines
  • Magazine may eventually become damaged from usage
  • Your semi-auto firearms become essentially useless without a magazine
  • Attempts at gun control always cause shortages of supply
  • SHTF collapse survival, maintain adequate supply for security operations
  • Magazines (and Guns & Ammo) will become extremely valuable during SHTF
  • What would you add to the list / what is overlooked?

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