4 Ways to Walk in Greater Obedience in 2021

4 Ways to Walk in Greater Obedience in 2021 by Allen Jackson for Christian News Journal

While our calendar page has turned from 2020 to 2021, it’s clear that the confusion and chaos in our culture has not abated. Propaganda continues to wash across our nation, and the fear and anxiety regarding COVID is resurgent—perhaps greater than at any other time. Truth has definitely not regained its balance yet.

Many of us remain disappointed and disillusioned – if not downright distrustful – in election outcomes, and we can be tempted to give in to despair. This is why it is more important than ever that we pay close attention to what God is trying to teach us through all of this.

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I believe 2020 was actually a gift from the Lord, to shake us from our slumber of comfort and convenience. We have been invited onto the stage of significance and are being trained in perseverance. We have been called to adopt a new lifestyle, not just survive a pandemic. God chose 2020 for an awakening. He got our attention and we are beginning to listen.

One of the lessons God is teaching us is not about ending 2020 or starting 2021, it’s about finishing well.  And I don’t just mean a year or a season. Because of this awakening we are experiencing, we are learning to ask questions, make choices and realign our lives, listening and responding to God and walking in greater obedience to Him than ever before.

So, I am calling on followers of Christ to do four things: watch, listen, think, then act.

We need to begin with a greater awareness and discernment about what is going on in culture around us. God has awoken us so that we can pay better attention, and to be more critical about what we are hearing from experts and gatekeepers.

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