OPSEC For The Preparedness-Minded

OPSEC For The Preparedness-Minded by  for Modern Survival Blog

OPSEC, (operational security) is a process of protecting and safeguarding something – typically information, or things, plans, actions, or accomplishments – from adversaries. In simple terms, it’s keeping ‘it’ secret…

Keeping it Secret

Now more than ever, this has become quite important.

The notion of OPSEC is often used in context with various aspects of preparedness – for someone who is preparedness-minded.

Why? Because most people (unfortunately) do not understand the rationale of being preparedness-minded. They may negatively label you.

For example, lets say you have (6 months) of stored food at home. It’s good OPSEC to keep it quiet. Why? Because that’s quite a bit more (stored food) than what most people would consider to be ‘normal’ (normal for them). Who knows what they would think… (actually, I do know).

What good will it do if others know?

While it is sad to consider that this is the way it is today, it’s probably best to keep these things to yourself. Always ask yourself “What good will it do if others know (this) or (that)? You will discover that in many or most cases the answer will be that there’s no benefit at all.

“Sharing” information with others focuses attention on YOU and WHAT YOU ARE DOING.
Remember the old saying “Loose lips sink ships”?

Above, I used the example of food storage with regards to OPSEC. But it should also apply to anything else that may be considered to be outside the ‘normal’ in today’s mainstream.

What about your political ideals? Oh my goodness! Just look at what’s going on out there right now as of this post!!! If you are a conservative, you are being CRUSHED by the mainstream and Big Tech!!! And God forbid if anyone finds out you’re a Trump supporter, Cancel Culture could get you fired on the spot!

We’re in a civil war about this right now! It’s going to get much worse. There is NO DOUBT. So just in this example alone, OPSEC is very important.

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