How to Begin to See Yourself as Jesus Sees You

How to Begin to See Yourself as Jesus Sees You by MICHAEL LOMBARDO for Charisma News

There is a small book in the center of the Bible unveiling the glory of spiritual intimacy and ushering us into deep revelation of Jesus’ heart.

Understanding the romance of the gospel and the Lord’s heart for us is absolutely pivotal in walking out your identity in Christ and the freedom Jesus purchased. The book of the Bible I’m talking about is the Song of Songs, which is a beautiful parable releasing revelation into the emotions of Jesus and His passion for His bride, the church.

This book isn’t only meant to be understood and enjoyed by women but by men also. In Christ, there is neither male nor female, each of us can have a deep, intimate communion with the Lord.

Many believers struggle with deeming themselves unworthy or dirty when they fall into sin. They cower away from the presence of God in shame instead of running to His throne of mercy to receive grace in their time of need like the Scriptures state. We see dark, but the Lord Jesus sees lovely.

We see a mess, but God sees the righteousness of His Son within us. We view ourselves as useless or unworthy, and He sees us highly exalted with Him in the heavenlies as His spotless bride. Of course, we are to repent of our sins and embrace the truth, but one truth that is absolutely critical that we embrace is how God sees us in Christ apart from our performance.

On the latest episode of Awaken Podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network, Michael Lombardo breaks down revelations from the Song of Songs that have impacted his heart over the years and have catapulted him into the depths of Christ’s love. There is a liberating love we need to explore and immerse ourselves in. We can’t splash in the shallow waters anymore; we need to dive wholeheartedly into the mysteries of Christ found in His Word.

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