Wisconsin Worshipers Gather At Boarded-Up Capitol To ‘Turn Riots Into Revival’

Wisconsin Worshipers Gather At Boarded-Up Capitol To ‘Turn Riots Into Revival’ By  for The Federalist

“Are you ready to turn riots into revival?” the energetic black worship leader called out across the large crowd gathered outside the boarded-up Wisconsin Capitol Monday night.

Shouts and cheers emerged from the assembly, where hundreds of men, women, and children of all ages, races, and backgrounds congregated for an evening of praise. Twenty-somethings stood beside elderly couples, strollers and young families with picnic dinners spattered the capital lawn, fathers propped small children on their shoulders for a coveted view, and several women twirled flags to the rhythm of the music. Some attendees wore masks, but, unsurprisingly, the majority of the worshippers were more concerned with their spiritual lives than their physical ones.

After California Gov. Gavin Newsom overstepped his authority, declaring burdensome coronavirus restrictions that target religious gatherings, including banning singing in churches, missionary and worship leader Sean Feucht decided to take the church out of the building, meeting instead on California’s beaches and bridges in protest and declaring #LetUsWorship. Now the West Coast movement is extending to cities across America.

One pastor and his wife from Madison told The Federalist that after about two months of trying to hold worship services over Zoom, they were thrilled to return to in-person services with their church. Now their congregation of about 50 people meets partially in person and online for those unable to physically attend. Under Dane County’s strict mask rules, however, churchgoers over age five attending indoor services must keep their faces covered, including when spaced apart, making expressions of worship and fellowship difficult or impossible.

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