Pet-Ready Emergency Kit – What You Should Have…

Pet-Ready Emergency Kit – What You Should Have… by  for Modern Survival Blog

GNN Note – Don’t leave your pet behind – it’s not nice and it will become a problem that someone else must deal with and they may not handle it in the manner that you wish. # END

In an emergency, your pet will depend on you for their safety and well-being. So it’s crucial to prepare them like you would any two-legged family members.

Surveys reveal that approximately 50 percent of people have not stocked extra emergency supplies for their pets.

Start by creating a pet Ready kit that includes basic items such as food, water, medication, important documents like rabies vaccination forms, and other items.

Additional things for your pet emergency kit might include any of the following ideas:

Items for your Pet Emergency Kit

  • Food (enough for the potential duration)
  • Water (ordinary water bottles are convenient for storage)
  • Bowls (they make convenient collapsible bowls for food and water)
  • Collar, harness
  • ID tag
  • Leash
  • Crate or pet carrier
  • Doggy Bed
  • Medicines if relevant
  • Your Vet’s phone number / info.
  • Sanitation / Litter as necessary
  • Copy of documents (Rabies vaccination, registration, etc.)
  • A picture of you and your pet together (helps verify ownership if lost)
  • Familiar items (toys, bedding)
  • ?

My mini-Dachshund eats special canned food due to gastric sensitivity issues when he eats other foods. So I simply keep many cases of food for him. He gets about 2/3 can a day. So I figure I’ve got about 8 cases. That will last him more than 3 months. Hmmm… maybe I should get more 😉

If you have to evacuate with your pet

After packing the kit, create a plan — detailing where you might be going during an emergency evacuation.

Remember, if you have to evacuate, most emergency shelters cannot accept animals due to public health reasons. And many / most hotels / motels don’t accept pets.

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