Walking With The Spirit…

Walking With The Spirit…

The past two months have been trying for all of us. Schedules disrupted, food shortages becoming very real and unemployment effecting 1 of 7 Americans creates a thicker than normal atmosphere for all.

If you have a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ this particular season, regardless of length will be a little easier to handle. The deeper the roots of the relationship the stronger the fort built around our heart, soul and mind.

For the past several months, prior to the Wuhan bat-flu stew sweeping the world, there were several of us that were walking together, praying together and staying close to Jesus, all about Jesus for a number of days per week and spending numerous hours per week being filled, refilled and walking with the Holy Spirit. The foundation, coming into this season, was solid.

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Over the past few weeks most all of these situations have gone by the way-side. This has created a gap that is not filled. We began working on filling that gap last week and took another step today.

Paul, in II Corinthians – TPT, once again, puts everything in proper perspective.

1 We are convinced that even if these bodies we live in are folded up at death like tents, we will still have a God-built home that no human hands have built, which will last forever in the heavenly realm.
2 We inwardly sigh as we live in these physical “tents,” longing to put on a new body for our life in heaven,
3 in the belief that once we put on our new “clothing” we won’t find ourselves “naked.”
4 So, while living in this “tent,” we groan under its burden, not because we want to die but because we want these new bodies. We crave for all that is mortal to be swallowed up by eternal life.
5 And this is no empty hope, for God himself is the one who has prepared us for this wonderful destiny. And to confirm this promise, he has given us the Holy Spirit, like an engagement ring, as a guarantee.
6 That’s why we’re always full of courage. Even while we’re at home in the body, we’re homesick to be with the Master—
7 for we live by faith, not by what we see with our eyes.

It is when we walk by faith, breath in a life of faith and spend time, as a child of God, with our Father, that we become closer to God. It is how Paul, and the other Apostles and Disciples were able to spread the Gospel. The more time spent with our Father, as His children, the more like His children we become. While we are grasping for another inch of ground, God, our Father, has ten miles waiting for us – if we just spend more time with Him, allow the blood of Jesus Christ to wash our sins clean and listen for His voice of guidance. All the promises become Yes and Amen.

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