Holy Spirit Is Exposing Hidden Rebellion, Deception From Body of Christ Right Now

Holy Spirit Is Exposing Hidden Rebellion, Deception From Body of Christ Right Now by JOANNA FANNIN for Charisma News

In this recent season of exposure, as Holy Spirit has shown His light on hidden deception and rebellion in the body of Christ, we have begun a journey that many of us have never been on—at least not to this extent. Most of us have become aware of areas of rebellion in our own lives. In fact, with attention drawn to it, it’s not hard to see how rampant rebellion and selfish ambition really are in our culture and our personal lives. I have certainly become aware through many avenues—discipleship challenge, dreams, community teachings and conviction of Holy Spirit—that there are areas in my life where I have allowed these strongholds to rule me.

As I began down the road of recognizing, confessing and repenting, I quickly became aware of other strongholds that tried to dictate my response to this new revelation. There are a lot of specific descriptions I could give, but in the end I think they all lead back to one root, which is fear. Here are a few ways that fear came into play for me: Fear of man, pride, fear of failing and fear of rejection. We all have a longing to belong, so there was a part of me that began to think I needed to figure this out, and fix it as fast I can so that I don’t get rejected from the community I’m in.

There was the pride in me that wanted to make sure everyone knows that I have the greatest intentions…I never set out to rebel and I am not a rebellious person; I just followed culture and was living in ignorance. Not only does this line of thinking lead down a path to anxiety, stress and more rebellion, but I got hit in the face with this question: “Who is the point and what is the point here?” In the entire response that I just wrote out, the point was me. I was fixing, deciding, controlling and doing…every part of it was self-focused for the sake of outer appearances.

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