The Curse on the Woman (Podcast)

The Curse on the Woman Podcast – Pastor John MacArthur

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Well tonight, as we have our Bible study, we return to the third chapter of Genesis and the sixteenth verse. We are looking at the series on origins. As I mentioned to you a few weeks ago, it looks like I’m going to develop a book, at least on the first couple of chapters on origins, and who knows, in the future we may address these issues as well. And the reason they’re so important is because they frame up a proper and accurate world view. You cannot understand why the things are the way they are in the world unless you understand these early chapters in the Word of God.

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Now as we said last time – introducing the section where God curses the woman, verse 16. As we said last time, the plight of the women in the world is very hard through human history. For most of the world’s women, it is still very hard. There is, of course, a general hardness of life produced by sin and that everybody experiences, men and women and boys and girls, everybody. We all suffer the consequences of the Fall which generally are weakness, danger, disaster, disease, and death. We all experience measures of sadness and sorrow and disappointment and unfulfillment and loss and heartbreak, et cetera. We all know all of those things. Those are general areas of the curse that fell when man sinned. But beyond those general consequences which everybody experiences to one degree or another, God pointed out some special judgments in addition to the general hardness of life caused by sin. God placed a special consequence, a unique judgment on the woman and on all women, and on the man and on all men. The judgment on the woman because of her sin in the garden is in verse 16. “To the woman He said, ‘I will greatly multiply your pain and your conception’ – literally – “in pain you shall bring forth children. Yet your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.’” And what I told you last time, and I repeat just by way of introduction, women were cursed to suffer in the two relationships that most define their life. That is, relationships to children and to husbands. Those really are the two realms in which women generally find their life.

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