Why Are Christians So Angry?

Why Are Christians So Angry? by THOMAS MCDANIELS for Charisma News

GNN Note – Anger, when allowed to fester, is when the enemy gets a strong foothold on our heart and soul. After drinking at you for more than 25 years it is quiet clear anger is one of the primary tools the enemy uses to enslave us. Anger is not bad, at least for myself, it’s when anger is allowed to drive the bus that the problems begin.


Anger is increasing in our nation.

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Much anger is hidden behind issues and masked in silence.

Silent anger is a more significant threat than hostility displayed.

Many people are not only angry, they are more hostile than they were a year ago, according to an NBC/Esquire survey last month — particularly Republicans (61%) and white people (54%), but also 42% of Democrats, 43% of Latinos and 33% of African Americans.

Christians Are Angry Too

We are watching the most significant shift in our culture. America was once a nation where our neighbors were our best friends. Not so today.

We have neighbors polarized by issues, political parties and incivility.

Ninety - three percent of Americans say we have a civility problem, according to Dr. Jim Denison, CEO of Denison Forum.

We see a lack of civility in our government, social media, schools, colleges and in public places. Without blowing out this fuse, social anger will explode in our public places.

Can We Turn Our Anger Around?

It is not the first time our nation has struggled with anger.

In 1977, James Averill, a psychology professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, sent the residents of Greenfield, Massachusetts, a questionnaire in the mail. The first question: “Try to recall the number of times you became annoyed and/or angry during the past week.”

Averill never expected the results to be so eye-opening. The transparency and the buy-in of the citizens were surprising. Replies flooded Averill’s mailbox.

Another shocking discovery was that people attached a thank-you note to Averill for sending the questionnaire.

The recipients were more than willing to talk openly about their anger issues. Could this strategy work for our generation? Sure, couldn’t hurt.\

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