What Did Nancy Pelosi Rip-Up After the SOTU?

What Did Nancy Pelosi Rip-Up After the SOTU? from comment section at Zero Hedge

GNN Note – We would like to add to the list below – a premature baby born at 21 weeks, healthy, loving and happy.

Needless to say President Trump used the moment to remind the world his administration is going after later term abortion to which the democrats stood silently, “prayerfully” by corrupt to the core Pelosi and her hatred of you, me and especially the Constitution.


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Comment by Real Estate Guru

“nancy pelosi used the state of the union speech by president trump to show her hatred for america and all americans by making a scene ripping up president trump’s speech.

what did she rip up?

a speech honoring:
brigadier general charles mcgee, member of the tuskegee airmen; 100 years old
the families of rocky jones and kayla mueller;
venezuela president juan guaido;
janiya davis, fourth grader, awarded a scholarship;
tony rankins beating addiction and his success in business and family;
keli and gage hake, survivors of army staff sgt christopher hake, killed by an led designed by qasem soleimani who was killed in a drone attack authorized by president trump;
the reunion of amy williams, her daughter and son, with sgt first class townsend williams who is serving in afghanistan;
rush limbaugh awarded the presidential medal of freedom;
the uscm trade agreement that will open markets between the u.s., mexico and canada.

that’s what pelosi hated so much that she ripped up president trump’s speech.”

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